Mission-Critical success story

Kelvin Group brands unite on a stringent pharmaceutical project

Our client develops and manufactures an array of diagnostic and therapeutic pharmaceuticals, several of which are “just-in-time.” Because of this, those products are manufactured daily to satisfy customer orders where downtime and delays are not an option.

Client Challenge

To safeguard efficient and stable operations, our client requires two chiller plants to sustain the daily production of its pharmaceuticals. The client engaged Kelvin Group to execute, on a strict timeline, the nondestructive testing of the heat transfer tubes of all six chillers, while guaranteeing the plants ongoing production of thermal cooling. The success of our week-long assignment and how we optimized workflow were paramount to the client.

Solutions & Results

ARC Mechanical (ARC), a Kelvin Group super-regional brand, has been the client’s trusted onsite provider of mechanical services for 20 years and was tasked with executing the project. ARC joined forces with fellow Kelvin Group brand Advanced Examination Services (AES) to utilize its capabilities and ensure the project’s success.

On day one, ARC technicians isolated three of the six chillers, draining glycol from the coolers and water from the condensers and brushing all the tubing on the first day in preparation for AES’s onsite arrival. The next morning, AES technicians hit the ground running and began executing their work.

The two teams instantly collaborated and coordinated an effective process to move from chiller to chiller without interrupting the essential chilled water supply to the client’s critical systems. After AES technicians completed one chiller, they would move to another ready for service. During that time, ARC technicians would close, fill, and return the previous chiller to service, then open and clean the tubing of the next chiller in preparation for AES’s work.

The team-centric approach guaranteed at least three of the six chillers were operational at any given time, solidifying the client could manufacture its products without interruption. This strategy continued throughout the engagement, resulting in a highly successful project.

It’s very reassuring to know we have a business partner in AES that can help provide our long-standing customers with mission-critical asset care and value-added services.
– Scott McKenzie, ARC Service Manager

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