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Our team fosters a culture of innovation, accountability, and relentless determination. We embody a humble yet principled ethos, collaborating uniformly to deliver exceptional, mission-critical solutions that positively impact lives nationwide.

Kelvin Group leadership

Harry Gray

Chief Executive Officer

Peter DiMartino

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Peters

Chief Commercial Officer

Kara Donatucci Pham

Chief Human Resources Officer

Dillon J. O’Reilly

Vice President, Strategy & Integration

Bill Rottschaefer

Vice President, M&A and Corporate Development

Lori Gately

Director, Marketing

Simon Clarke

Chair, Knowledge Center

Kevin Thomas, P.E.

Chair, National Engineering

Joe Heinlein

Director, Supply Chain

Kendra Scalforatto

Director, Environmental Health & Safety

Dawn Pappas

Director, Learning & Development

Company leadership

Bob Steele

President, ARC Mechanical

Scott Sweet

President, HCG Associates

Bil Sauer

President, RD&S

Russell Munday

President, RC&E

Adam Shideler

General Manager, AES

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