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Kelvin Knowledge Center

Our Knowledge Center fosters a culture of cross-company engineering collaboration and technical ingenuity. We champion knowledge sharing, providing a platform where the brightest minds in refrigeration and engineering converge to exchange ideas and push the boundaries of innovation.

Kelvin University

Designed to nurture the growth of our early-career service technicians, Kelvin University also serves as a valuable resource for experienced professionals to pinpoint and address knowledge gaps. By investing in the development of our emerging talent and providing a platform for continuous learning, we ensure a robust workforce capable of tackling the evolving challenges of our industry.

National & Regional Field Focus Groups

In our pursuit of innovation and progress, we deeply value the contributions of our boots-on-the-ground field associates. Their firsthand insights, gleaned from the front lines of our operations, serve as indispensable guides in shaping our strategies and engagements. By heeding their crucial inputs, we not only affirm our dedication to excellence but also ensure that their voices resonate throughout our organization.

Kelvin Leaders

Our exclusive program identifies top-tier talent, offering them a unique opportunity for comprehensive development. Participants gain unparalleled access to the broader landscape of our business, spanning various functional areas and the intricate challenges faced by our business leaders. It's a gateway to growth, empowering individuals with the insights and skills needed to excel in leadership roles and drive impactful change within our organization.

Kelvin Kudos

We advocate and incentivize excellence across all levels of our associates. Whether it's celebrating small "quick hit" accomplishments or strategic milestones, we believe in recognizing and rewarding outstanding efforts. By fostering a culture that values and acknowledges excellence, we inspire continuous improvement and drive collective success.

National Engineering Governance

The National Engineering Governance Committee (NEGC) upholds the pinnacle of engineering excellence, quality, and compliance across all Kelvin business units. NEGC catalyzes innovation by fostering collaborative thought leadership and ideas exchange among engineering firms nationwide. It also plays a pivotal role in championing best practices and ethical standards, ensuring elevated engineering solutions delivered by member organizations.

Excellence & Engagement

Our "Voice of the Field" team diligently fosters and nurtures productive relationships between management and our field associates. Through their dedicated efforts, they ensure seamless synergy and optimization across our operations, fostering an environment where every voice is heard and valued.

McKenzie Perspectives Series

An integral component of our "Voice of the Field" initiative, this series features in-depth discussions with a distinguished Kelvin Group leader, offering insights and expertise honed through years of experience. Presented in a “60 Minutes”-style format, each episode delves into critical field-based topics such as customer service, training and development, safety, and more, providing valuable perspectives for our associates to learn and grow from.

Meet Your Teammate

In this video series, Kelvin Group's CEO takes center stage, facilitating engaging exchanges among team members. Through the sharing of fun facts and personal anecdotes, the series fosters a sense of community and strengthens connections throughout the organization, promoting a culture of camaraderie and collaboration.


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