Why Partner with Kelvin Group


Joining the Kelvin Group family offers a number of benefits for established companies looking to enhance the way they do business.

Achieving Excellence Together.

As an industry leader in innovation, Kelvin Group has designed the Kelvin Knowledge Center (KKC), an engaging interface that encourages exploration and education, where associates can develop essential knowledge and build strong foundations for their career.  

From courses in specific areas of expertise to professional development courses, our associates have the chance to develop their skills and stay up to date with the latest resources, tools and methods available.  They learn best practices, review research, and discover powerful case studies from experts in the field and industry regulators which translates to leading-edge solutions for our valued customers. In addition to our internal content, we also offer access to a range of industry training materials.  

Kelvin Group is committed to providing our customers with leading-edge solutions and our employees with the best possible training opportunities, to ensure that they are able to reach their full potential and succeed in their roles.

Building the Force of Tomorrow.

At Kelvin Group, we understand the importance of professional development and aligning education opportunities with our core values to ensure the future success of the company and our associates. With the addition of Kelvin University (KU), we have built comprehensive curriculum for our team that provides associates with a strong framework of training modules, ranging from 1 to 5 years, based on their role within the company. 

With a phased approach, our associates learn and grow with the company, alongside fellow peers by skilled leaders in the industry.  During the onboarding process, associates are introduced to their academic roadmap, specifically curated for the individual and their personal career goals.  Through various job experiences, peer mentoring and organized educational initiatives, individuals are able to engage with content utilizing a variety of modalities.

Together, we’re shaping the future leaders of Kelvin Group and its subsidiaries nationwide.  Learn today, lead tomorrow.

Value Creation

We will offer an attractive and fair purchase price structured using a combination of upfront cash, earn-out, and rollover equity that will grant you a substantial level of liquidity at close. At the same time, you will be allowed to continue to participate in the future growth of the company.


You have the opportunity to join a growing industry leader with flexible options for your continuing role.

Opportunity to Grow

You can accelerate the growth of your company by tapping into the breadth of quality services, administrative resources, and extensive customer base that Kelvin Group has to offer.


An established accounting team, HR support, and IT specialists will relieve you of administrative burdens and allow you to focus on activities that are of value to you.

Sales and Marketing

Dedicated sales teams will help you pursue new client expansion and increase your wallet share with existing clients through the offering of additional services.

Reduced Risk

Reduce your operational risk by becoming part of a larger, growing organization with a diversified client mix.

Opportunity for Employees

Retain your management team and create career development opportunities for your employees  while giving them the opportunity to participate in value creation.

Financial Sponsorship

Benefit from the financial and operational support of Southfield Capital, a premiere middle market private equity firm with a proven track record of building exceptional growth companies.

Who is the Ideal Partner?

An ideal partner of Kelvin Group would be a company that:

why partner with kelvin group

Transaction Considerations

Kelvin Group is flexible and open to designing a structure that best fits the requirements of both parties. We have a track record of closing transactions in 60-90 days based on the preference of the selling company.